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Seagate Hard Drive Problems

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While this may not exactly be “new” news, anyone with certain makes of Seagate hard drives should check to see if the drives they have are affected by a firmware bug.

Information can be found here along with information on how to check if your drive is affected, and how to download and install new firmware.

I personally have had 3 of Seagate’s 1 TB drive with issues – one was DOA and had to be replaced, one had the firmware bug just before they announced the new firmware and one I was able to update.

If you have any Seagate drives at all, check the site and make sure you have the latest firmware.

Unfortunately Seagate have not done a very good job at all of dealing with this issue. I was told in early December when I called that there was no firmware bug and they wouldn’t give me the updated firmware, only for them to announce there was a bug just a few days later. A lot of people are still waiting to find out what to do with their “bricked” hard drives – myself included. Come on Seagate, sort this out, it’s just not good enough!


Written by Andrew Edney

February 3, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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