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Media Center Health Monitor for Windows Home Server

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My friend and fellow MVP Ian Dixon (he of the, has written an add-in for Windows Home Server called Media Center Health Monitor, which as it sounds, monitors the health of the Media Center or Centers (if you have more than one), and the Media Center’s do not even have to be associated with your Windows Home Server.

The add-in is currently in beta, but you can sign up for it here. Ensure you give Ian lots of feedback.

If you are not already running the Media Center Health Monitor on your Media Center, make sure you download and install it in order for your Windows Home Server to have something to monitor!

You can install it directly from the downloads section once you have signed in to Ian’s site. Just follow all the on screen prompts!


Once you have signed up, been approved and have downloaded the add-in, copy it to your Windows Home Server Add-ins folder in the Software share.

ready to install

Once you have copied it to the share you will probably see the usual message about an add-in being ready to install. So, do as it says and open the Windows Home Server Console, click on Settings, then choose Add-Ins and click the Available tab. Click the Install button to start the installation.

available add-ins

Like with any other Add-in, once the installation has completed you will need to restart the Windows Home Server Console.

When you have opened the Windows Home Server Console again, you will see a new tab – called strangely enough Media Center Health Monitor.

media center health monitor icon

If you click on the Media Center Health Monitor tab, you will see a message warning you that you need to enter your Online Account details in the Settings tab – so lets go do that now, shall we?

monitor not configured

Click on Setting, and the click on Media Center Health Monitor to bring up the required screen.

media center health monitor settings

Enter the User Name and Password you used to create your account and click Save. You can also check the box for Auto Update Status and change the Update Interval if you want something other than 5 minutes.

When you go back to the Media Center Health Monitor tab now and click on My Events, you can view anything that has happened. You may need to click Refresh to get something to appear.

My events

If a health warning is received, it will also appear in Task Tray.

health warning

Overall I like this Add-in, and you can certainly do a lot more than just have Windows Home Server monitor it, you can have the application send you an email, or even have updates on Twitter (Ian does love his Twitter!).

So, why not give this Add-in a try and make sure to give Ian some feedback.


Written by Andrew Edney

March 22, 2009 at 3:52 pm

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